American Capital Assurance Corp. commits to knowing its customers and tailoring coverage to their needs by focusing on select markets in specific locales. AmCap Insurance® shall provide contemporary, financially sound commercial insurance products and best-in-class service at the right price. The company shall maintain an (Excellent) rating by industry leader A.M. Best Co., through sound risk management practices and protection of our capital.

Core Values

Achievement — We value growth and improvement, professionally and personally
Mindfulness — We care about the company’s agents, policyholders, our co-workers, and the markets we serve
Character — We conduct business with integrity and respect
Attitude — We maintain a positive and proactive culture
Performance — We are goal-oriented and committed to excellence

About Us

AmCap Insurance® offers superior, financially solid commercial products and outstanding service that make policyholders whole as quickly as possible after a loss. We are an admitted carrier doing business in Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas. We partner with independent insurance agents who seek dependable coverage and attention to detail, regardless of the scope of a risk.

AmCap Insurance®, owned by AmCap Holdings, LLC, is poised to be an industry leader in its select marketplaces and is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., one of the industry’s leading rating organizations.

AmCap Insurance® makes a difference with:

Convenience — A 24-hour, toll-free claims service.
Availability — Live representatives and local agents to meet policyholders’ expectations.
Service — Employees who pay close attention to customer inquiries, and respond with meaningful and easily understood answers.
Commitment — Resources to pay what is owed, delivered as fast as possible.
On-site Presence — A team of dedicated claims personnel and independent contractors to help policyholders recover after a loss.

AmCap Insurance® provides top-quality insurance protection to policyholders who want to be confident their insurer will follow through, quickly and effectively, when needs arise. Policyholders aren’t just buying insurance; they’re acquiring priceless peace of mind.