HURRICANE IRMA: AmCap is here for you! Customers affected by the storm, click here to report a claim or call us at 866-274-5677. Please note that property coverage and flood coverage are two separate policies. It is important that you report to the correct carrier if your property suffers wind or flood damage.

There are positive steps you can take to recover from a loss.

  • First, make sure everyone in the household is out safely.
  • Alert the appropriate authorities of the situation.
  • If it is safe, evaluate your property and secure it from further damage by making reasonable, temporary repairs.
  • Repair broken windows, leaky roofs or leaking water pipes to avoid additional damage to your property.
  • Keep all your temporary repair receipts and any damaged property until your claims representative can inspect them.
  • If possible, move undamaged items to a safe and secure area.

If you have items that are damaged or stolen, you can assist with the recovery process by providing your claims adjuster with a detailed list of all the property. The information most helpful includes:

  • Brand name
  • Model or serial numbers
  • Age of an item
  • Place and approximate date of original purchase
  • Purchase price
  • Cost to replace today and the location where you found this information