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Fall is upon us again: crisp, cool temperatures; shorter days; foliage turning red, purple, orange and yellow; and — at October’s end — Halloween. What scares commercial property owners more than jack-o-lanterns, goblins, and ghosts? For many, realizing only too late that their insurance coverage is not reliable.

The changing Fall weather can also present unusual and unpredictable hazards, especially in the southeastern region of our country. Hurricanes, torrential rains, and flooding occur commonly here and around the Gulf of Mexico, but so do droughts, high winds, and wildfires. While various factors in 2020 have contributed to climbing reinsurance rates, the extreme weather we have experienced has played a major role in disrupting the reinsurance marketplace. As a result, agents and commercial policyholders are grappling to find reliable coverage. from financially sound insurance carriers. Here are a few reasons why you should choose American Capital Assurance Corp (AmCap Insurance) for the reliable commercial coverages you need:

Specialized Underwriting — Our guiding principles are different from those of many commercial property carriers in the market today. Unlike some insurance carriers, we concentrate and limit our full attention, entire product offering, and underwriting service to commercial properties. At AmCap Insurance, our underwriters collaborate with agents on every account submitted to ensure their commercial property clients receive the right product and coverage. Our network of independent agents has direct access to a team of experienced underwriters to help agents navigate through the complex world of insurance. The end result — more trust from our agents and ultimately, their commercial property clients.

Financial Strength — AmCap Insurance maintains one of the most robust hurricane reinsurance programs in the industry: one that is able to protect policyholders against a 250-year storm event and multiple 100-year storm events. We only work with the best reinsurers to make certain our surplus — built through steady, conservative reinvestment — is protected. AmCap Insurance has strong relationships with these reinsurers, all of which are A.M. Best A- (Excellent) rated or higher, or fully collateralized.

Seamless Service — AmCap Insurance’s claims department is located in the United States and staffed by commercial claims experts. Our claims service is fast, fair, and accurate, which is especially reassuring when claims processing matters most. Our claims team is exceptionally responsive, making contact with agents and insureds within 24 hours after a claim is submitted, including holidays and weekends. Initial claims payments are generally made within 25 days of your submission. Our commercial residential insurance product provides tailored, customized coverage for condominiums, apartment complexes, townhomes, homeowners associations, and the ancillary buildings located on these properties. Our non-residential insurance product provides coverage for office buildings and business personal property, and is available in all states in which we operate. We also offer an expanded non-residential product in the state of Florida, which includes coverage for strip malls, hotels, nursing homes, houses of worship, and other commercial structures. And, we are a Write Your Own (WYO) Flood Insurance* carrier under the National Flood Insurance Program.AmCap Insurance can offer flood coverage for all of your commercial or residential needs.

Admitted Carrier Status — As an admitted carrier, AmCap Insurance is a state-licensed entity within the territories we conduct business. This important status difference results in a relationship with the state that sets our products apart from many other commercial property insurers. Admitted carriers are required to comply with all state regulations regarding insurance. This ensures you are protected in any covered scenario and you are provided an extra level of financial protection in the event of catastrophe.

Since 2006, AmCap Insurance has been the industry’s most-trusted commercial residential, office, and flood insurance company operating in Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas. This reputation is based on the company’s service to its policyholders, creditworthiness, balance sheet strength, operating performance and enterprise risk management practices.

Do not allow the beauty of the season and the promise of cooler weather to distract youFind a trusted AmCap Insurance independent agent here to learn how our tailored products and coverage options can protect you. Call AmCap Insurance at 800-591-0535 or send us an email to learn how our tailored, customized underwriting, great coverage and deductible options, and reliable insurance coverage protect you.

* NOTE: there is a 30-day waiting period for flood insurance policies to take effect. For agents authorized to write flood insurance, call 833-261-6492 for customer service or 888-481-1126 for claims. For more information about flood insurance, contact Rob Munns at