Information for policyholders and agents


The Atlantic hurricane season is just around the corner. It officially begins June 1st and will continue through the end of November. While hurricanes and tropical storms often evoke visions of destructive winds, the risk of flood damage is just as prevalent, and requires its own unique preparation.

Uncommonly common

According to The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flooding is our most frequent and expensive natural disaster, in part because 90% of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve some form of flooding. This is especially true of hurricanes

The heaviest hitting storms

Hurricanes make headlines every year for their immense power and unpredictable paths. While some areas of the country are more susceptible to hurricanes and flooding, both of these phenomena can impact your home or business no matter where you are located. Study the information provided by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to stay informed before and during hurricane season.

Preparing for rising tides

  • Know Your Flood Zone: The unpredictability of hurricanes means that they can bring flooding nearly anywhere. Find out how FEMA has rated your flood zone, and follow their preparation guidelines.
  • Stock Up on Sandbags: Strategically placing sandbags around your home can help deflect some flooding away from your property. Be sure to stock up as early as possible. The further we get into hurricane season, the more in-demand sandbags will become.
  • Close All Basement Windows: Storm surge and flooding can easily find its way into unsecured basement openings. Be sure that your basement windows and doors to the outside remain closed, and as tightly sealed as possible.
  • Know Your Evacuation Routes: At-risk flood zones and high-category hurricanes can sometimes force an evacuation. Make sure your car is fueled up, and that you know your local evacuation routes so that you can safely egress if needed.
  • Invest in Flood Insurance: Even with careful preparation, flood water often goes wherever it wants to. Water damage can deteriorate walls, ceilings, fixtures and more in your home or business. AmCap Insurance is a Write Your Own (WYO) Flood carrier under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and can provide you with insurance to help offset the cost of damage.