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In the event of a house fire, survival can depend on your preparation, being alert, and having a well-rehearsed escape plan. We have provided a few basic safety and prevention tips to consider while safeguarding your home and yourself.

Be Prepared

  • Install smoke alarms outside bedrooms on each level of your home. Make sure they are located away from air vents.
  • Test the alarms regularly and change batteries at least once a year. Never disable or remove smoke alarm batteries.
  • Develop a fire escape plan and practice with small children.
  • Review all ways to exit each room of the house.
  • Make sure safety bars on windows can be opened from inside your home.
  • Escape the dwelling first and call for emergency assistance.

Practice Prevention Measures

  • Replace space heaters with central heat.
  • When cooking never leave the kitchen unattended.
  • Keep flammables and combustibles away from stove burners and other heat sources.
  • Turn off all appliances before going to bed or leaving the house.
  • Never overload an electrical socket.
  • Don’t use appliances with frayed cords or wires.
  • Never leave burning items unattended. For example: cigarettes, candles or fire places.
  • Keep up with chimney cleaning maintenance and use metal mesh screen while fire is burning.
  • Keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children.