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Between the warming weather and approaching summer holidays, people are eager to get out of their homes and into the world. Rising temperatures bring more outdoor hobbies: backyard grilling, fireworks, and lawn mowing. Each of these activities becomes more prevalent during the summer, but take caution, because they also carry fire risks.

Feeding With Fire

According to NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association), an estimated seven out of 10 adults in the U.S. own a grill or smoker. While these appliances are perfect for cooking up some delicious food, they also present an increased risk of home fires. In fact, NFPA reported that as recently as 2018, fire departments responded to an annual average of nearly 9,000 home fires resulting from grills, barbecue pits, and the like. It is also noteworthy that this month, July, is the peak month for grill fires, which can result in bodily harm and property damage.

Grilling out does not need to be all fire and brimstone, though. Here are some helpful tips for keeping a grill fire from raining on your parade:

Give Some Breathing Room: Make sure your grill is a good distance from the home, and any flammable overhangs or flora.

Get in the Zone: Establish a 3-foot radius around your grill that children and animals are not allowed within.

Nothing Up Your Sleeves: Make sure to wear short sleeves while grilling. Longer, flowing garments can easily catch fire near a grill.

Trim the Fat: Regularly clean your grill tray and grating of grease and fat, which can combust in high concentrations.

One of the most effective measures you can take to prevent damage to your commercial property is to stay informed about the ever-changing seasonal risks. While the activities and celebrations of summer bring fire risk with them, these safety tips and tricks should help mitigate risks and keep you safe. As an extra safety net, check with your AmCap Insurance agent to make sure that your property is covered against fire damage and accidents.