HURRICANE BARRY: AmCap Insurance is here for you and we are ready to respond! If damage to your property occurs, please submit a loss report by email to or complete online here.   
AmCap Insurance® maintains a strategic partnership with ASI to handle all our claims needs.
We will be with you throughout your entire claim process. Once you report a claim, you will promptly hear from one of our professional Claims Representatives - most often on the same day! We'll do our very best to explain the entire process and assist you along the way.
We've included the following information to help answer any questions you may have regarding the claims process.

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What takes place during the claims process?

How long does this process take?

That depends on the extent and type of damages you are claiming. Many claims can be resolved within 10 to 30 days of the initial report; however, others can take longer. By working with us, you can keep the process moving so that it is resolved as soon as possible.

What will my Claims Representative want from me?

They will need a full description of your damages to include who, what, when, where and how it occurred. Your claims representative will provide an overview of the claim process: what we need from you and what you will get from us. Your claims representative will assist you by answering questions, providing any forms or guidance that you might need and detailing your coverage under the terms of your policy.

What should I do following a loss?

First, make sure you, your family and employees are safe. Next, if need be, contact the police or fire department to report your loss. Then, take photographs of the original damage and provide your adjuster with copies. If possible, take action to protect your property from further damage by making reasonable, temporary repairs. Repair any broken windows, leaky roofs or leaking water pipes to avoid additional damage to your property. Keep all your temporary repair receipts and damaged property until your claims representative can inspect them. Move undamaged items to a safe and secure area.

For additional information on Loss Prevention, visit our Loss Prevention page under our Learning Center section. You are welcome to call our Claims Department at 866-274-5677 or e-mail us at Please reference your claim number or policy number.

For additional Loss Prevention solutions, check out our Loss Prevention page from our Learning Center. You are always welcome to call our Claims Department at 866-274-5677. If you prefer, you may e-mail us at In any communication, please reference your claim number or policy number.