HURRICANE BARRY: AmCap Insurance is here for you and we are ready to respond! If damage to your property occurs, please submit a loss report by email to or complete online here.   

AmCap Underwriters® takes pride in being an industry leader in service, product, and accessibility to our agents. AmCap Underwriters® employs a team of experienced and well-rounded underwriters who are well-versed in the complexities of working in CAT prone states. We recognize that each account is unique. Our team shines by using a hands-on approach to take care of our agents’ needs.

AmCap Underwriters® has a thorough understanding of the ever-changing marketplace and can guide you through the variety of coverage options available.

If interested in partnering and gaining access to AmCap Underwriters®, please fill out the Become an Agent link here.


AmCap Underwriters® utilizes a blended model approach to price a risk. AIR, RMS, and other proprietary tools are utilized to price both renewal and new business risks to ensure a proper allocation of risk.

Through accuracy of building and policy information as well as adhering to strict underwriting practices, AmCap Underwriters® is able to access multiple re-insurance markets. Our solid business practices ensure that AmCap Underwriters® will weather any storm.